Irène’s Essential Yoga Studio 

Are you ready to stretch your mind, body and spirit?  


Welcome to all who need to move in the right direction 

I’m so excited to inform you that I am now offering yoga classes to the public - Virtual Online until Covid 19 is allowing us to join face to face . 

I’m offering multiple classes at the moment online to anyone who is wanting to join me. Find me on Facebook by Searching VIP- Irene's Essential Core Yoga Studio. This is 

See our schedule of upcoming classes for more information

About Me

I graduated from 200 hour Registered yoga teacher’s training in 2019 through “Awaken Love Yoga Teachers Training” created by Hilliary Faye. I am accredited through Yoga Alliance Association of Canada.

Is your mind can I relax and move through these frazzled and negative thoughts that cause me so much anxiety? 

I just can’t breathe ... is this You ?  

Is your body screaming...I need Irene’s professional help ?  

Yoga can.... 

- help you breathe deeply. 

- help find laughter and joy 

- get you moving again. 

- help you build a stronger core and better range of motion.

- elevate your energy levels 

- can help you find ways to release tension and relieve pain 

- change your moods and thoughts 

- become aware of your body’s needs and wants.  


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