Meet the Chakras

Meet the chakras

What is the Chakra?

  • The word "Chakra" is a Sanskrit term that means spiral and movement. 
  • There are "7 Vital Energy Centers" that flow through the front & back of the body along your spinal cord. 
  • Chakras are pools of spiral energy found within our body. Through water and subtle energy centers within the physical body to encourage self-healing.
  • It’s a form of meditation practice.  
  • Each center is essential to the health of specific organs, emotions and thoughts.
  • By keeping these 7 chakras open and aligned, this can prevent illnesses and maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit connection.
  • Each chakra resonates with a color and vibrates a musical note and holds certain emotional and mental vibrations to help us connect and grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally.  
  • The first thing to do when dealing with Chakras is to make a decision to heal yourself first.
  • It’s important to balance all chakras since one chakra affects the next.
  • It can help minimize mental anguish by slowing down negative chatter.
  • It can calm you and assists you in regulating your own emotions.
  • It bring comfort and support the body by attending and releasing physical pain.
  • It’s a mindfulness practice to align your Chakras daily
  • It will help you heal from the inside out.   
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