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What is a Reiki Energy Session ?  

This gentle subtle Japanese Energy approach allows the practitioner to transfer "Vital Life Force Energy"  through his/her hands. Reiki originates from Japan. It's pronounced "ray-key". A common definition for Rei is "Universal love " A common definition for Ki is "Life force energy". "Specific hand positions" and "symbols" in sequences are administered directly over clothing on the clients body to help regulate emotions, slow an overactive brain and address physical aches and pain. "Reiki is often recommended for cancer patients" 

Cost :
    1/2 hour session        $ 50 
             1 hour session            $ 80
             1.5 hour session         $120 


VIP Mentorship and Reiki Training Channel (Facebook)

The 5 Principles of Reiki 
1. Do not worry
2. Do not anger
3. Do your work honestly
4. Honour your parents and teachers
5. Be kind to all living things

Benefits of Reiki:
  • Fosters peacefulness
  • Promotes pain relief
  • Strengthens spiritual connections
  • Adapts to your individual needs
  • Relieves fatigue
  • Promotes sleep
  • Clears toxins
  • Strenghtening natural self-healing processes
  • Soothes emotional distress  
  • Helps unlock suppressed feelings
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Relaxes tight muscles

    How can you tell Reiki energy is at work:
  • the practitioners hands will get warm or hot
  • the client and practititoner can feel the energy being channeled to the client body
  • the skin under the practitioners hands can get itchy or clammy
  • the client may feel like waves of energy going through the body especially in the area under the practitioner's hands
  • the client will get sleepy or possibly fall asleep
  • the client's body may jolt because of involentary movement
  • the client may notice that pain is releasing from problem area
  • the client will yawn due to the body relaxing
  • the client may body scan and become aware of uncounscious body memory and feelings
  • the client will feel at peace after the session.
  • the client will realize that spiritual healing is happening.
  • client will feel stronger and self-empowered 
  • the person recieving that  Reiki charge can feel the energy going to problem area to help heal it
  • the client will feel focused and full of life force energy, alive and flowing
  • brings body into para-sympathethic mode to help improve sleep and relax the nervous system


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Wednesday, 28 December 2016 11:23

Level 1 Reiki USUI Attunments

  1. 1408055079What is Reiki USUI ?  Originates from Japan and it's pronounced "Ray-Key". The word is made up of two parts, Rei and Ki.  The founder of Reiki  USUI is Dr.Usui . 
    A common definition for "Rei " is "Universal, Spiritual, God Consciousness, Higher Self" energy. 
    A common definition for " Ki " is life force energy or Chi energy found within your own body and spirit. 
    When I attune someone to Reiki as a teacher, I first help people understand why they are needing a the attunement. I work with "Chackra balancing" while using Reiki USUI symbols to assist in the attunments. 

  2. What are the "Benefits" of Reiki USUI?   To help you learn how you can heal yourself through self healing approach.
    Opens your "crown chakra" to bring attention to Divine Universal Connections which nurtures a feeling that we are not alone and of us being part of ONE big plan here on earth.
    Opens your "3 rd eye chakra" increases your intuition by learning to listen to your gutt and following through with your inner nudges. Its can help you over time to increase your vital physical energy so you can get up and get things done.
    Opens the "Heart Chakra" to help with connection to self-love and connection to others through open hearted trust. Healing the heart is the most beneficial part of Reiki attunementsIt can influence your auric energy field for people who are "empaths" or a  "highly sensitive person".
    Oppurtunity to learn how to ground themselves to them detach from other peoples emotional, physical and mental issues to calms anxiety and bring your own body into relaxation mode which in turn assist the body in healing itself.
    It promotes this feeling of being alive
    Learning Reiki can change your body, your thinking, and your life.It can help you recharge your battery if its low or drained for whatever reason; illness, stress etc.  After a person recieves that charge Reiki energy goes where it is needed to help heal the circumstances.
    It keeps your life force alive and flowing. 

    What should I know before registering for  Level 1 Reiki USUI: How to give yourself " Reiki "  
    -  Classes of 5-6 students only
    -  Weekend classes: Saturday and Sunday from 9-3 pm .
    -  Dress comfortably in layers
    -  You are there to Learn to love yourself first.
    -  This session focuses on YOU 
    -  Cost for class is 150$

Course Outline:

History of Reiki
Reiki Lineage - Dr Usui
The 5 principles of Reiki
Meditation exercises
Learning chakra balancing techniques
Learning Reiki self-treatment
Learning hand positions
Learning power symbol
Learning grounding techniques  
Why attunments?
20 minute attunement alone with the teacher
Discussion about different levels of Reiki 2 or Master  Why?
Many discusions and personal growth oppurtunities
Certificat of completion given to each student 

Peace comes from within. " Do not seek it outside yourself "   author is Buddha



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Wednesday, 08 June 2016 13:40

Teaching level 2 Reiki

(Level 2) Reiki:       Learning distance healing & How to give Reiki to others (hands-on) 

Course Outline:
  • Sharing circle -review of level 1
  • Meditations circle techniques Why ?
  • How to greet a client? Case hystory etc...
  • Learning more symbols : meaning & drawing them out  
  • Distance Healing? How & when to use it ?
  • 20 minute alone with teacher - attunement to level 2 with symbols
  • Certificate of completion given
  • Personal growth oppurtunity and possibilities of Reiki shares and social circle of Reiki practionners
  • This attunement will increase your vibration to amplify the energy channeled by you to other people and animals
  • Buiding a Reiki practice. How?
What Happens after a 2nd Reiki Level attunement:
  • you will be able to manifest what you need in your life at a faster pace
  • your Reiki energy will flow at stronger and higher vibration
  • Reiki awareness will be able to expand through experience and progress
  • You will have 3 powerful Reiki symbols use and activate
  • You will learn how to use symbols by themselves or combine them for different healing situations
  • You will be able to do more Reiki work on someone without requiring as much time
  • You can now send Reiki to the past, present and future.
  • Learn how create balance between mind body and spirit
  • You will become more aware of the intensity, flow and the power Reiki brings you to help others heal
  • You will become more intuitive ad psychic
  • You will notice more changes in your life that were needed and unique to your journey
  • you will recieve a level 2 certificate
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