Tuesday, 07 June 2016 14:08

Intuitive Massage

What is Intuitive Massage ?

In my practice, as an intuitive practitioner, I am able to scan the body and identify instinctively areas in need of tension release and I can also pinpoint their origin, be it physical or emotional mental or spiritual.
This way, the client receives help that addresses the root of the tension/discomfort and enjoys the benefits of very precise bodywork. I love this approach since I can combine more than one of my services while staying in touch with the clients needs at all times.
The exceptions: Its not recommended to mix massage with Bowen approach or EMF balancing technique  

example: A client may book a full body 60 minute massage asking that I work their upper back and neck. Once I start the session their body is telling me to massage their feet to help their be more grounded so I give them a 1/2 hour reflexology and afterwards they share with me that both there feet were very soar for the past 3 months. I usually get great results when clients give me "carte blanche" Although I always respect the clients wishes.   



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