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What is intuition?

The word intuition comes from latin word "intuir" which means knowledge from within.

10 signs that you are intuitive:

  • you listen to your inner voice
  • you take time for yourself to be in solitude
  • you love creating new projects. love change
  • you practice mindfullness
  • you observe everything around you
  • you listen to your body
  • you connect deeper with others
  • you pay attention to your dreams
  • you enjoy plenty of downtime
  • your mindful and release negative emotions

What is the difference between rational or intuitive thinking?

Rational thinking: It involves logical concrete thinking which is backed up with facts (proof, dates, times, events etc...) needed when making decisions 
Intuitive thinking: It involves subtle information from the brain. Doesn't involve logic. Its more like a gutt feeling. This information is usually evacuated from the logically process in the brain and highly sensitive people can access this information through their 5 senses.(clairsentience, claireaudience,clairevoyance etc...

You need both ways of existing in this world. As humans we are either stronger in either as logical or intuitive. One style will usually resonate stronger.
In intimate relations often a logical person will be attracted to a intuitive . Having differerent personalities to help use be open and experience this feeling of being ONE can be challenging. Who said life would be easy?

Why do people want to develop their intuition?

  • because they want to relate to their life partners who are intuitive or others in their lives who are intuitive
  • because they want to make changes to their lives and stop existing like robots
  • because they want to evolve as human being
  • because they are retired and love learning new approaches and skills

What are common barriers to intuitive thinking?

-difficulty understanding logical thinkers
-overly sensitive and emotions run your life (empathics)
-difficulty communicating with others. communication styles are different


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