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What is the Community Healing Unity Drum? 

The Healing Unity Drum is a 6 foot in circumference drum made to be attached on a cedar frame over a Massage table.  

Cost :    15-30 minute session        $ 50

The skin of drum is offered from Wapiti purchased in aboriginal community by Jacques Nadon who is the designer and Ceremonial Drum Master from Quebec.

Call for information - 705-262-5556

I’m honoured and proud to hold this community drum in the lower level of my home base Business. @419 Ross Ave. East in Timmins Ontario 
Holding a drum comes with responsibilities. It’s must be cared for with TLC .
I honour the animal which has given its skin to create this healing drum. 
I honour all that are called to receive. 

This sacred vibrational tool can help clients, family and friends heal through sonotherapy. The sounds omitted from this drum are amazing and life changing .  I’m even thinking that it may become a generation abuse healing drum to help families reconnect and heal. 

As a Shamanic practitioner I’ve had clients share that they have felt ancestral roots in the room while by receiving a session. 

Benefits of the Unity Drum

- The Drum is the closest sound of our own mother’s heartbeat
- It s a symbol of connection to Mother Earth who carries us and holds us up each day
- Many have said that they feel lighter after a drum session and that they love how it balances them from the inside out
- Some have said that they slept like a baby after their session
- I believe the vibration of the drum penetrates all the cells and can be very healing
- A preventive holistic méthod of healing
- It’s very meditative and slows the down th brain big time
- It elevates the vibrational energy within the body and helps sooth & calm the nervous system

Recommended services to add to your drum session - Reflexology (detox and circulation) , Singing bowl (mind), Reiki (healing) 

Watch the video below (French) for more information and to see an example of a session.

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