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  • About IreneIn this established Holistic Health, Teaching and Yoga Center in Timmins Ontario, Canada I offer a variety of services.

    • Massage
    • Reflexology
    • Reiki
    • Bowen Therapy
    • Body Memory Recall 
    • Facia Release Massage
    • Yoga/Meditation (Group and individual sessions)

      • 200 hrs Certified Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance approve "Awaken Love Yoga".


    I have embodied many valuable skills professionally and personally over my 21 years' experience. My mission is to create a safe space to allow you to release and heal in mind, body and spirit. Becoming aware of mind, body and spirit connection is pretty powerful.

    I am pleased to offer self-help services assisting people through challenging times. Learning to balance between the mind, body and spirit. 

    All this can be addressed either:

    ⁃ Through body work approaches on a massage table
    ⁃ Through yoga/meditation practices on yoga mat
    ⁃ Through coaching consultation focus and intention setting (AFT)
    ⁃ Through creative expression using sound therapy, painting, voice and movement
    ⁃ Through learning Reiki for self and others

    Book your session today. Group or one on one sessions available.


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We provide a healing and relaxing experience

"Spiritual growth through mind, body and spirit connection" 



"Igniting self-love and universal life force energy"

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 "Discovering the power of touch and nurturing"  

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 "What are your feet, hands and ears telling you about your body?"

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Body Memory Recall

"Moving through old past trauma, old injuries to discover peace and harmony"

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"Effortless, Effective & Affordable bodywork approach"

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Upcoming Classes

Kundalini Reiki Yoga

Kundalini Reiki Yoga

02-08-2021 9:00 am - 02-22-2021 10:00 am

Kundalini Reiki Yoga for beginners: 3 week series

Day of the week : Monday
Time: 9 am 
Frequency: one day a week 
length :45 minutes (+15 min meditation) 
February: 8th - 15th - 22nd , 2021 

Restorative Nidra Yoga

Restorative Nidra Yoga

02-10-2021 6:15 pm - 02-24-2021 7:15 pm

Restorative / Nidra yoga meditation for beginners: 3 week series

Day of the week : Wednesday 
Time:  6:15 pm (evening ) 
Frequency: one day a week 
Length: 45 min. Yoga + 15 min meditation 
Dates: Feb 10th - 17th- 24th, 2021

Chair Yoga: Beginners

Chair Yoga: Beginners

02-11-2021 10:00 am - 02-25-2021 11:00 am

Chair Yoga for beginners: 3 week series

Days of the week :  Thursday
Time : 10 am
Frequency: one day a week 
length :45 minutes (+15 min meditation) 
Dates : Feb. 11th -18th - 25th  

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