Heart Chakra


4th Chakra: Heart Chakra     GREEN & PINK      

Location: “Center of the heart” over sternum area

Musical note:"F"

Element:  AIR

This Chakra affects? Sense of TOUCH

Associated Gland: Thymus gland

Associated gland controls:  Heart, blood circulation, immune system, lower lungs, ribcage, skin, upper back and hands

Meaning: Represents our ability to love and be loved and to feel compassion for self and others

Gemstones: Emerald, Green jade, Kunzite, Rose Quartz, Tourmaline

When Heart Chakra is balanced:

  1. Ability to be compassionate towards self and others
  2. Ability to feel hopeful even when things go wrong
  3. Ability to experience love and compassion for self and others.
  4. Ability to trust others and be able to love unconditionally. Open heart.  
  5. Ability to love and receive love unconditionally
  6. Ability feel divine love
  7. Ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes
  8. Ability to relate to others
  9. Ability to be sincere
  10. Ability to be devoted and committed
  11. Ability to put your needs aside to help someone else

Working with the “Heart Chakra”:  Questions

  1. Are you able to just trust without knowing?
  2. Do you experience love for yourself?
  3. Do you love who you are?  
  4. Do you always look for other people’s approval?
  5. Do you do things for others expecting them to love you in the same way?

  1. Do you feel safe in a group?
  2. Can you communicate your needs?
  3. Can you ask for help and not feel rejected if they say no?
  4. Do you struggle with feelings of abandonment?
  5. Can you cry or make sounds or do you think that you’re bothering others?
  6. Do you have difficulty being alone?
  7. Do you struggle with people giving you compliments
  8.  Do you get paranoid around close loved ones
  9. Do you struggle with forgiveness?
  10. Do you tend to depend on others
  11. Do you struggle with addictions
  12. Do you get confused about love?
  13. Are you able to differentiate between love and lust?
  14. Do you have a difficult time letting people close?
  15.  Do you have skin problems?    


  Healing Exercises:

   Bikram Yoga

  • Love, love, love. Simply opening up our hearts to others is the best healing exercise to open up the Heart Chakra.
  • Laughter Yoga

Healing Foods

Green colored foods like leafy vegetables

  • Green tea                     spinach
  • green peppers              zucchini
  • Avocado                      peas
  • Broccoli lettuce          cucumber
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