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Electro-Magnetic Field Technique

  • What is Electro-Magnetic Field balancing technique ?
    The "EMF" Balancing Technique is a subtle gentle holistic approach.  The technique is a simple, systematic procedure involving unique series of graceful tai chi like movements carried out through the practitioners hands to influence and stenghthen the "Universal Calibrational Lattice".(see picture)
    The UCL is made up of 
    energy felt by the practitioner as vertical and horizontal fibres of light connecting at the spine within the human body and extending up to 2 feet away from the body into the astral body.
Cost: 1 Hour $80

How to prepare for EMF
    • the client lies fully clothed on a massage table where the practitioner applies some light contact with the body, but the majority of the session is performed without touching the client
    • the practitioner with his hands channels the energy around the body through 4 specific sets of moves who are graceful to help balance the energy field
    • the practitioner following the energy patterns around the body will connect this energy UCL  
    • the practitioner uses vocal intents and affirmations to help calm a client who is emotionally unregulated
    • the practitioner uses vocal intents and affirmations to help client changed negative mental chatter 
    • the practitioner focuses re-balance and bringing client into parasympathatic (meditation mode)
    • the practitioner may educate  the client on how EMF can help re-balance the energy
    • the practitioner administrates this through 4 different phases

      Benefits of EMF Balancing technique

  • release emotional and physical issues
  • reduce stress and increase energy
  • promotes awareness of direction of support within. "mindfulness"
  • balances and alligns the energy
  • can help you find direction and stay focused
  • experience well-being in body, emotions, mind and spirit
  • learn to understand EM
The Purpose of (UCL)
  • "Universal Energy Grid" is like DNA energy field
  • Universal Energy Grid is affected by life experiences and lifestyle choices
  • to balance our energy anatomy through lattice calibration
  • made up of vertical and horizontal fibres of light and energy
  • it surrounds and penetrates our energy anatomy
  • Calibration to gauge and stengthen our lattice
  • works within the body and around it
  • rewires and upgrades to increase your energy levels (hold on to your energy)
  • brings awareness to how our magnetic field affects us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually
  • help you maintain your energy cause practitioner educates you
  • learn to reprogram your thinking through conscious intentions

    Through specific set of moves, the practitioner is "assisting the body's magnetic field" with EMF techniques to help calm the nerves system and remove any energy barriers which affect the person's psyche, physical body and emotions state of being.
    Within the body you will find the "Chakra system" at the spine level. Through "mindful affirmations" along with transference of energy to the body it will help the body release physical tensions, mental anguish and emotional turmoil.  The main goal of EMF is to help a client grow spiritual.  

    The"4 phases" of EMF technique:

    Phase 1- Wisdom and emotions
    This session releases stress and establishes a new pattern of freedom and well-being. Experience the energetic balance between head and heart.   
    Phase 2 -Self Direction & Self Support
    This session gracefully releases the energy restraints of what we call the past and promotes awareness of self-direction and self support

Phase 3 -Radiate Core Energy
The radiatiion of core energy encourages the increase flow of spiritual intelligence into our daily life. Experience new understandings and insights into your soul's unique calling and expression

Phase 4 -Energetic Accomplishments 
In this balancing a connection & communication with future " Self "is established through your mental process "Ideal Potential Power" channeling future co-creation of the present reality. What you see you can co-create.
Each phase facilitates a different experience of one's self as an energetic being, building on the foundation to help you grow more consciousness


  • Universal energy that we can all access
  • The common denominator of the unified energy source of the Universe
  • The common denominator—meaning that all things emanate from The Cosmic Lattice
  • Human consciousness is evolving and that evolution is reflected within our energy anatomy
  • The Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL), a system within the energy anatomy, is radiating from the very core of our being
  • Its existence is much like an electrical transformer, increasing our ability to make use of the unlimited energy, by transferring energy from one circuit to anot
  • Refer to this process as the “rewiring for the new energy.” It allows us to receive and use the energy we are learning to release from the Cosmic Lattice and from within ourselves
  • It permeates our very existence, right down to the cellular level, and beyond, into our subatomic energy field
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