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What is intuition?

The word intuition comes from latin word "intuir" which means knowledge from within.

10 signs that you are intuitive:

  • you listen to your inner voice
  • you take time for yourself to be in solitude
  • you love creating new projects. love change
  • you practice mindfullness
  • you observe everything around you
  • you listen to your body
  • you connect deeper with others
  • you pay attention to your dreams
  • you enjoy plenty of downtime
  • your mindful and release negative emotions

What is the difference between rational or intuitive thinking?

Rational thinking: It involves logical concrete thinking which is backed up with facts (proof, dates, times, events etc...) needed when making decisions 
Intuitive thinking: It involves subtle information from the brain. Doesn't involve logic. Its more like a gutt feeling. This information is usually evacuated from the logically process in the brain and highly sensitive people can access this information through their 5 senses.(clairsentience, claireaudience,clairevoyance etc...

You need both ways of existing in this world. As humans we are either stronger in either as logical or intuitive. One style will usually resonate stronger.
In intimate relations often a logical person will be attracted to a intuitive . Having differerent personalities to help use be open and experience this feeling of being ONE can be challenging. Who said life would be easy?

Why do people want to develop their intuition?

  • because they want to relate to their life partners who are intuitive or others in their lives who are intuitive
  • because they want to make changes to their lives and stop existing like robots
  • because they want to evolve as human being
  • because they are retired and love learning new approaches and skills

What are common barriers to intuitive thinking?

-difficulty understanding logical thinkers
-overly sensitive and emotions run your life (empathics)
-difficulty communicating with others. communication styles are different


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reflexologyWhat is reflexology ?

Reflexology is a foot, hand and ear massage used to relieve tensions and prevent illness, based on the theory that there are points on the feet, hands, and ears linked to every part of the body. A practitioner using this Holistic Asian approach will massage your feet, hands, and ears knowing that the corresponding gland and organ are benefiting from the controlled pressure. Reflexology is known to relieve tensions, improve circulation, and encourage all systems to work together to re-establish balance.

20  miutes session  $  50 (mini session feet only)
1  hour session       $  80
1.5 hour session     $ 120 


-Promotes self-awareness(how feet affect the whole body) 
-Release physical, mental and emotional tension from body
-Improves circulation throughout the body
-Helps release toxins through detoxification
-Relaxes the body into para-sympathetic to help it heal itself
-Helps in balancing meridians
-Contributes to the prevention of illness 
-Promotes well-being
-Nurturing massage 

Possible Reactions: (following a session)
Improved Digestion: The treatment often improves digestion; changes in appetite because overall stress is reduced which allows it to relax and heal.
      Normalizing functions of:

"Liver" increases bile production
"Gallbladder" releases bile needed for emulsifying fats
"Pancreas" aids the digestive processes which involves the small 
and large intestines passing & eliminating foods and waste materials
"Ileoceal valve" elicits peristalsis for elimination 

Cold: With stress removal and enhanced circulation,  a client may experience feeling cold due to the cooling effects created when perspiration evaporates.
Taste in the mouth: Because the body is detoxifying, the client may have a bad taste in the mouth. 
Perspiration: The body may perspire when it releases excess fluid from the lymphatic system.
Mucus: Excess mucus is often released when the body is detoxifying the sinus cavities and the walls of the small and large intestines.
Frequent bowel movements: Since the massage is stimulating the digestive system,  more bowel movements can be expected
Tiredness: The bodyoften  experiences some fatigue due to the removal of stress, the normalization of the metabolism and the body going into parasympathetic mode.
Headaches and Nausea: During the process of detoxification, it is common to experience headaches and/or nausea. Drinking water is recommended.
Eyes Watering: If the eyes water, it is due to the cleansing of the lacrimal glands.
Pain Release: The body is able to release pain in nerves and muscles when it goes into parasympathetic mode, thereby bringing about healing and relaxation. 
Skin Reactions:  The circulation increases and metabolism normalizes. Peolpe with already existing skin disorder may notice a flare up because of detoxification.
Gas Release:  Since the digestive functions are improved and the relaxation response has been triggered, the passing of gas often follows.
Increased Urination: After a treatment, a client may urinate more frequently because the body has been able to clean any obstruction in the urinary system.



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Intuitive Coaching

coachWhat is Intuitive Health Coaching?

I have been a Registered Naturotherapist for 17 years and I love helping people gain optimal health. What is keeping you STUCK?  Emotional pain, mental anguish, social isolation, spiritual confusion. Helping people identify and meet there own specific needs is what I'm passionate about. Coaching is about helping each individual see their own light and and potential to create and change what is not working in your life. What is causing you hardships in your life?  What is making life unbearable and unmanageable? I listen attentively while supporting and holding your hand when needed to help YOU move out of survival mode and plug back into life if you choose to do so.  My intuitive approaches sometimes integrates energy work (ie. Chakra Balancing, Reiki, Angel therapy, Meditation,BMR)

Remember : The love I give is second hand cause I must feel it first

1    hour session    $80
              1.5 hour session    $120
During my first encounter with clients:
  • When I'm first greeting a client face to face, I love getting to know that person. This allows us to connect and build trust.  
  • I invite them to tell me the reason they have sought my services. (dealing with physical pain, chakras imbalances, past life connections, emotional turmoil, mental anguish etc... )
  • Once we help you identify what will be needed than I simply become a channel (Reiki, chackra work etc) to help you meet those needs or figure out what the barriers are that prevent you from meeting those needs. I always work in connection with (God, Angels, Universal love energy, Reiki etc.) just to name a few. This divine source of love guides me in meeting the needs of the each client. Some clients need me to address physical needs, others need to vent emotionally in order to appease tension in their body.
    My intuition and therapeutic techniques allow me diverse ways to be of help.
  • As a health coach, I encourage them and remind them to focus on their goals regarding their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and  to go inside themselves for answers.
    Imbalances on all levels can be addressed and corrected if the client chooses to do so. 



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