Chair Yoga

chairyogaDiscovering Healing, Strength and Mobility

As a certified yoga teacher, I realized that not everyone can get to the floor to exercise due to physical limitations such as: 

Hip or knee injuries /surgeries  
Slips & falls 
Wear and tear 
Arthritis and inflammatory diseases 
more serious illnesses

Chair Yoga can be as soothing or as challenging as we want it to be

Chair yoga isn't only for older adults, it is for people of all shapes and sizes, who struggle with pain and want to experience transformation with a little more support. 

The chair holds the weight of the persons body as they move - stretches and build core muscles and regain mobility. 

What a great alternative to building core muscles to prevent further injuries . 

Note from Irene: 


I am introducing chair yoga as an gentle alternative with the intention of helping you get moving again to offer hope and more independence.

My intention for chair yoga practice will guide you through a gentle way to welcome back your healthy movement, healing, strength and joint mobility. 

My experience working as massage therapist, I have touched many bodies over the 20 years as a practitioner I have acquire valuable skills to help people of all ages that need assistance. 

Who is chair yoga for ? 

Anyone who are ready to take action and need a change. 
Anyone who wants to Increase their energy. 
Anyone needing to release stress -and anxiety. 
Anyone who needs to get moving through pain with the support of a chair. Weight is not an issue for chair yoga. 
Anyone that is recovering and fragile from accidents and wanting to mend 
Anyone that is recovering from suggery     
Anyone who hasn’t exercised in long time and looking to increase circulation 
Anyone who is wanting to regain mobility, confidence and a better outlook on life . 
Anyone struggling with chronic pain - Fibro-myalgia . 
Anyone who are in isolation as a way to boost morale, connection and confidence 
Anyone who struggle with balance 

Hope you decide to join me on the Chair  !!!

« Please consult with your family physician before attempting chair yoga if you have any mobility concerns» 

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