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Spiritual Mentorship

Are you running on empty?

I work with women who are feeling stressed out and depleted. I help them reclaim their time and energy. 


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Here's how i can help!

Connect you with you

We work together step by step to help you get back to yourself.
This makes room for you to be with you so you can reprioritize what is important to you.

Clear out life clutter & reassess

Is your life too full to fit you into it?
Do you feel guilty for considering your needs?  
Do you need to feel seen and heard?
It is time to reexamine what fills your time and takes your energy. Does it serve you?

Set goals & take your power back

Your new goals help you create a life that takes your power back.  
You can give to yourself then be refreshed and empowered to give to valued others in your life.

Create balance and your own reality... by guiding your chakra energy and emotions.

Find the spiritual sweet spot and tap into your full manifesting power.
Go deeper. Do more, grow more, and live more.
Balance each of the 7 chakras and 2 suble earth and soul star chakra 
Use powerful affirmations to support each chakra and open yourself to positive energy!
Raise your vibration with powerful techniques and  guided chakra meditations.

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